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Pretty much how this website came to be! Tech Stack: Node.js, Express, MongoDB

The Adventures of Squidwod

A Unity game that involves collecting Eggs from a giant fire-breathing, laser-eyed, grenade-tossing Seagull's nest while dodging its attacks. The game was made in collaboration with 2 friends as part of an assignment. Tech Stack: C# (Unity, Blender)

Luby Jump (Android)

A flappy-bird-styled mobile game. The key differences are that the 'pipes' in this game are dynamic and so, make the game much harder to beat. The current high score (on iOS) sits at 115. Tech Stack: Java (Android Studio)

Procedural Landscape

Code that dynamically generates a stochastic landscape (terrain + ocean) along with an orbiting sun using Unity. NB: The ripples on the water aren't exactly realistic. Tech Stack: C# (Unity)

Learning to Escape

Code for an AI controller that would navigate a car in a map such that it collects the required keys to escape while avoiding traps. This was a collaborative project with 2 friends as part of an assignment. Tech Stack: Java

UMISC Website

Implementation of the website for the University of Melbourne's Information Security Club. Apart from its front-end design, the website also has a back-end platform that allows for the adding, editing and deletion of events. Tech Stack: Node.js, Express, MongoDB